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Annual Conference 2019

Convenor reportage from the day: 


Reviewing all that was gained from the day:


  • The themes for the conference had a useful centrality of providing a lasting higher educational experience that was ‘transformational’ was paramount

  • It was impressive to see the history of the network as well as future directions that would be useful for our practitioners and researchers (the future generation).  


Points to note about the 2019 conference

  • 30 people attended – we had older friends and newer friends which was good to see

  • The presentations included papers and posters, with national and international representation (including Spain and Malta)


Content of conference that brought out the theme of ‘transformative’ practice

  • Transformation exists both within and outside of disciplines – with subject knowledge represented from areas such as Engineering and Health

  • new knowledges being considered and reconsidered

    • degree apprenticeships 

    • the use of recognition of prior learning 

    • experiential learning 

  • The role of technology was stressed as were collaborative approaches and ways to work with both government and employers to develop curriculum for and in a fast-paced workplace environment.

  • As a sector and area of practice, we have many challenges but also the need for a community of practice. We will be continuing to develop our revisedwork on vision mission with the committee and add suggestions form the networking session form the conference. 


The UALL Work and Learning Network Annual Conference 2019

 ‘Learning for, at and through work: capturing workplace learning for transformative Higher Education’


Conference date: 28 June 2019  9:30am Registration and refreshments - 5pm Conference ends

Conference location:University of the Arts London, 272 High Holborn, London WC1V 7EY, UK

Cost: £90 (Concessions £80 UALL members) (includes refreshmentsand lunch) 

Keynote Speaker: Professor Anita Walsh, Department of Management, Birkbeck University of London Title: ‘Work-Based Learning: Higher Education for the 21st Century?’


How to book:



The conference aspires to contribute to practitionersunderstanding of pedagogic tools that transcend the traditional modes of operation in higher education and to aid professional practice curricula. The day will focus (through keynotes, presentations, workshops, poster sessions, networking)on ways to structure and apply flexibility to empower all work-based learning stakeholders to share implicit and explicit responsibility for new learning that maintains work-life balance and well-being. We will also explore the balance needed between employers’ expertise and scholarly knowledge in order to plan and credit professional engagement within higher education.


The conference will address the following themes:

  • Opportunities and challenges for apprenticeship learning

  • Accreditation and individual recognition of prior learning (RPL)

  • Wellbeing and work-based learning

  • Working practices in healthcare and early years

  • Conceptualising trust amongst partners/mentors/coaches 

  • Digital learning, e-portfolios and the Impact of technology 


For information contact: 

Elda Nikolou-Walker

Paula Nottingham

Jon Talbot


Following the conference there will be an opportunity to publish full papers in the Work Based Learning e-Journal

see the link below for the work presented:

Abstracts Annual UALL Work and Learning Conference 2019​

note some of the websites that might be of interest from the day:



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