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Liminality, Uncertainty and Troublesome Knowledge in Learning at Work


with Professor Karen Evans 


20th June, 11am - 12:30pm (UK) Virtual Event


This talk explores the learning generated through engagement with troublesome knowledge in changing work contexts. Liminality is integral to the post-qualification experiences of occupational groups profoundly impacted by disruptive societal changes. Workers in health services and in creative industries learn as they ‘lean into practice’ in situations over which the practitioner has little control. Liminal spaces are embedded in larger sets of relationships that influence the quality of learning in the work environment and the practices of day-to-day work. Affordances for learning, conceptual development and the construction of self-narratives play significant, interconnected roles in liminal learning and professional development, in changing circumstances.


Seminar and Q&A.


To register for this event please go to this link on Eventbrite.

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