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Imagining Radical Inclusivity in Work & Learning
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Title: Imagining Radical Inclusivity in Work & Learning

Event date: Friday 27th May 2022 10-4pm (9:30-10am Coffee and Tea in person) 

Location: Online Conference/In Person at Second Home, Clerkenwell, London, UK

Speakers: Mandy Crawford-Lee, Chief Executive, UVAC and Prof Anita Walsh, Birkbeck University of London









Abstracts soon to be published in the Work Based Journal e-Journal International  

We are expecting at least 2 papers for the authors in upcoming editions.

Don't forget to check out the UNCONFERENCE 27th June 2022 LINK HERE (sponsored by Pearson) which is an international conference involved in sharing practice about Work and Learning.


The two events are linked to a call from the Higher Education Skills and Work Based Learning CALL can be found here.

'New problems, new solutions: role of HESWBL in global challenges'


(Many of our members are on the Editorial Board or Reviewers for this excellent UVAC sponsored journal).

 Keynote Speakers
Mandy Crawford-Lee, Chief Executive, UVAC 


Keynote: The Creative Disruption of Degree Apprenticeships or Realising the Potential of Higher and Degree Apprenticeship in Supporting Social Mobility and the Levelling Up Agenda

Prof Anita Walsh, Birkbeck University of London

Keynote: RPL: More than a tick box exercise

READ MORE about the Keynote Speakers

Forum Presenters

READ MORE about the Forum Presenters


See the Agenda

Many thanks to all those who presented on the day - we hope these topics will give you ideas for your own advocacy, activism, practice and research.  

For any additional information about the forum or the Work & Learning Research Centre SIG/CERS at Middlesex University contact: Paula Nottingham or visit our network website

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