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The QAA (Feb 202) outlines Professional doctorates as:

"Doctorates other than the PhD have evolved, leading to the emergence of the titles 'professional' doctorate, and 'practice-based' or 'practice-led' doctorate. Initially, and beginning with the Doctor of Education (EdD), professional doctorates in different subjects emerged catering for employed professionals returning mid-career to undertake doctoral study. Because of the need for these candidates to re-engage with research methodologies while undertaking employment, they had a significantly different structure from the PhD and included intensive taught modules at the beginning of the programme of study. Many professional and practice-based doctorates have always included structured elements such as lectures and seminars, and have an emphasis on acquiring research and professional skills in addition to conducting original research."


Middlesex University Professional Doctorates


University of Sunderland has a similar format to MDX

The DProf in Wales Trinity St David








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