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Come join us for a 3-5 minute presentation of your work at the UALL conference on the 2nd of July !!!


Please contact Paula if you would like to contribute p.nottingham

Work and Learning Network: Joining the Conversation for Change 


This will be a collaborative workshop to disseminate current network activities and to invite attendees to join us in our post-covid conversation about new developments for learning in the workplace. 


We will start with short 3-5 minute introductory talks and provocations from our convenors and network members, some of which relate to our network seminar series. We will present projects and new work that feature innovative research and practice from a range of universities, partner organisations and learning/training providers. Our network driver is find new innovative solutions for lifelong learners that connects to local and global higher education contexts in a changing world.


The workshop will ask for wider UALL audience participation and we will invite attendees to have a voice in our future planning and projects for 2024-2025. A summary of the discussion will be sent to all participants, with advice on how to share news for the network and publish practitioner research.


In the workshop we propose:


  • to explore our covid/post-covid expert seminar series as exemplars for leadership, transformation and change;

  • to celebrate members’ achievements and practitioner contributions to current debates about learning in the workplace;

  • to share insights that focus on ‘need to know’ areas of practice for 2024-2025.


The presenters will cultivate an open dialogue that will include café style interactions to collaboratively identify new directions for the network. Inclusivity and social mobility have now become strategic drivers for work and learning. New directions could include topics such as: the expansion and embedding of degree apprenticeships, professional learning and leveraging the United Nation’s sustainable goals, digital creativity and the use of AI and technology within research and assessment, working with international cohorts, expanding disciplinary boundaries and new developments within practitioner PhDs and professional doctorates.

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