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Resources for the Colloquium 30th June 2021

Keynote and discussion: Jenny Rodriguez and Carol Costley

Jenny Rodriguez - The University of Manchester 

Carol Costley - Middlesex University

Please find Abstracts and Case Studies shared for the colloquium on the links below:

Speaker Abstracts and Case Studies for the EDI Colloquium

Anastasia Christou - Middlesex University


Glenis Wade - QA Ltd


Mary Makinde - Canterbury Christ University

Claire Thurgate - Canterbury Christ University


Margaret Linehan - Munster Technological University

Iro Konstantinou - Pearson College London

Elizabeth Miller - Pearson College London


Marty Wright - Glasgow Caledonian University

Equality Diversity and Inclusion for Work and Learning in higher education

Carol Costley, Elda Nicolou-Walker, Paula Nottingham

Please also read this briefing paper for the colloquium.

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