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Welcome to a new decade of practice!

The UALL Work and Learning network continues to build on its strengths as we start 2020 and resolutions include connecting more with friends and colleagues. A light list of possible 2020 trends for the near future:  The world and many universities have gone green! paper print outs might soon become a thing of the past… It looks like it will be a more united digital world with apps, messaging services and file sharing in the cloud. It’s now easier to get in touch with students all over the world although our university and community digital technologies need to keep up with our aspirations… we all need to talk. There has been a real growth for developing diversity and inclusiveness in education, once again looking at the power of social mobility and mature students returning to studies as well as those starting out in their careers. Long may it continue.

We hope you all feel renewed and refreshed this year.

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