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Keeping in touch with us on our AdvanceHE Connect Forum

Dear friends and associates of UALL Work and Learning Network,

During the recent COVID-19 experience we have found that more than ever we need to have our resources and connections online to help others.

To support our community, we have recently started a network forum on Advance HE Connect, relaunched our network website and created a Twitter account.

Please see information about our different platforms.


Advance HE Connect UALL Work and Learning Network sits within the platform of academic accounts provided by AdvanceHE. The Connect online network is a global social media platform enabling registered members to share, connect, collaborate and host events, meetings or webinars. The platform offers us the opportunity to engage with a global network and grow the community.

Please look out for an email inviting you to join the Connect group; and if needed asking you to register, or click Connect sign upto register now. You do not have to be a member of UALL or reside in the UK to join this forum.


UALL Work and Learning Network website keeps you up to date with the field, providing free access to resources, bringing together leaders in education, and offering you the opportunity to share your own practice and get information about events. You can receive messages directly from us if you sign up via the UALL Work and Learning website. We encourage you to consider contributions from your practice or organisation, adding to our current practice resources. For general enquiries, please use the UALL Work & Learning contact page as this will ensure that your email arrives with the convenor.


In May 2020, we launched a new Twitter feed

Our aim is to create a responsive, connected and beneficial network for our community.

Here we encourage use of the following hashtags #workandlearning


UALL is a membership organisation, but we feel strongly that we would like to keep in touch with the wider community about events and practice, including recently research in the work and learning area.

Thank you for your continued involvement with the network.

Kind regards

UALL Work and Learning Network

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