Submit Abstracts for Imagining Radical Inclusivity in Work & Learning
Please submit a 300 word abstract by the 1st of May.


We are inviting participants to give presentations of at least 15 min (5 minute Q&A) with the opportunity to extend these presentations for a paper in the Work Based Learning e-Journal International.


To prepare for the day, 300 word abstracts are invited from practitioners and researchers that address the following questions:

  • How can work integrated learning be more inclusive for its practitioners and learners?

  • What is your experience practising inclusivity as an individual or team?

  • What are the challenges for organisations and education - leadership, management, learners?

  • What truths can be exposed about unrepresented learners, part-time learners, mature learners, social mobility, with a view to social justice?

  • Is there a role for degree apprenticeships in providing radical inclusivity?


We suggest the locus of thinking around these issues can be found:

  • in practice - teaching pedagogies and syllabuses

  • in research - choice of research topic, subjects and approaches, partnering research with students and other stakeholders, decolonising practice

  • in the real world of work - with employers, organisations, and apprenticeships

  • in policy – government, institutions, and departments, in teams and individually

  • in today’s post-Covid context

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